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Christmas Crackers!

Christmas in South Luangwa is surprisingly festive, especially for guests at Mfuwe Lodge and the Bushcamp Company. Not only were our guests treated to a mixture of feasting, and other "seasonal" activities, but Santa also delivered some great wildlife sightings with wild dogs, lions with cubs on a buffalo kill, leopards hunting...and even an aardvark in his sack!!
Join in the festive fun by taking a look at our Christmas picture gallery...featuring both humans and animals in action!

Santa gets a new little helper.
The real Father Christmas!
A wild dog is not just for Christmas!
Christmas leopard waiting for Santa?
And far too much sherry!!
Too much Christmas pudding!
Bring on the dancing girls!
Xmas theatre in the bush. is not Rudolph!
Christmas lunch...
Santa heads back to Lapland...
Santa gets a hug!
Santa hands out the presents.
Dancing lesson...
Second helping...?
Breakfast time!
Santa shows his moves!
Christmas morning bush breakfast.
Valley Christmas Eve get together...
Luangwa Safaris Choir.
Christmas Eve carols in the bush.
Christmas angels...
Santa gets more than he bargained for!
Santa brings gifts for the lodge elephants...