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Guest Wildlife Photo Gallery

Many Bushcamp Company guests are accomplished photographers and take the opportunity to snap some great pictures during their South Luangwa safari. We always enjoy receiving pictures from our guests, many of which can be seen in our weekly "Did You Know". We can now share some of them with you in our latest picture gallery...

Beautiful leopard by Thomas Retterath.
Cheeky elephant by Barry Morgan.
Mating lions by Cathy Trent.
Saddlebilled Stork by Dr, Wolfgang Schmitzberger
Traffic control by Allen Levine
Sleepy lion by Lesley Jeffrey
Carmine Bee-eater by Deborah Gillham
Elephant crossing by Dr.Wolfgang Schmitzberger
Rare African Pitta by Richard Scriven
Agile leopard by Kees van den Dungen
Roosting prinia by Deborah Gillham
Ebony glade by Lesley Jeffrey
Luangwa sunset by Thomas Rettereth
Moody elephant by Barry Morgan
Buffalo herd by Joseph Bellestri
Leopard kill by Thomas Rettereth.
Black and white by Dr. Wolfgang Schmitzberger
New guest by Sherilyn Pillsbury
Leadwood landscape by Lesley Jeffrey
Quealea frenzy by Thomas Rettereth
Kudy family by Barry Morgan
Python by Debrah Gillham
Grey giant by Dr. Wolfgang Schmitzberger
Carmine Colony by Thomas Rettereth