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Shaka's pride... the Mfuwe Lions.

Since the hot, dry months of October 2011, the lions of the Mfuwe pride have been busy and productive. Thanks to the fact that the pride is protected by "Shaka", a strong (and obviously verile) dominant male, a succession of new cubs have been born to at least three of the lionesses. With so many nursing mothers to choose from, and a caring father, the cubs stand a much greater chance of survival. Recent sightings would suggest that even more babies are on the way! Well done Shaka!

Courtship in the bush...
Honeymoon at the best lodge in South Luangwa...
Expectant mum...looking sheepish!
The first cubs are revealed in early October.
Moving homes...
Proud mum...
Survival of the fattest?
After dinner snooze...
Gosh dad...what big teeth you have!
What about my teeth?
And I have claws!!
Dad...can I tell you a joke?
Not funny!!
Ouch! Those teeth are sharp!
What shall I be when I grow up?
I was trying to sleep!!
And this is how you kill a buffalo...!
I like my big brother!
Look what I found!
Tough day at the office...
Mmmmm...what shall I do today?
Love at first sight...?
I am so cool...!!
Can we have a little privacy...?
Thirsty work!!
And I was only watching...!!
I have a headache...!!
I want a little brother to play with...