Dutch wildlife photographer returns to Mfuwe Lodge

In May we received another visit from Dutch wildlife photographer Johan W. Elzenga and his wife Ine. Johan visits Mfuwe Lodge very regularly, and is working on a new book on the seasons of South Luangwa. He already published a book about the 'Emerald Season' and a general book about the wildlife of South Luangwa National Park, called 'The Valley of Elephants'.

Johan's images are published all over the world in books and magazines and are well-known by anyone who receives our 'Did You Know' emails. Johan has an extensive knowledge of digital photography and has written many books on the subject. He lives with his wife Ine in a small village south of Amsterdam, but he spends as much time in Africa as he can.

Both books are in the English and can be bought directly from Johan's website, where you can also find more of his stunning images - below are a selection form his recent stay with us.

Photo gallery